Carbon Offset


Carbon8  is helping farmers transition to  Regenerative Ag so they can build their soil carbon from 1%-8%.  Carbon8 donations are 100% tax deductible.  Carbon8  uses the funds raised through donations to support Australian farmers to improve their soil carbon and transition to regenerative farming practices with resources.






We acknowledge that to travel the Outback Way uses a lot of fuel so we try to encourage our visitors to offset set their emissions by contributing to Australian Farmers improving their soil carbon and farming practices. 

Travelling the 2700km on the Outback Way a vehicle (on average) will produce 1 tonne of CO2e – which can be offset through Carbon 8- Donations are tax deductible.  Carbon8 was featured on Damon Gameau’s film 2040. You can donate  $8, $16 , $32 or your own amount-  either monthly or as a once off donation. All donations contribute to help Australian Farmers  build soil carbon by transitioning to Regen Ag.

Learn more about Carbon8- HERE 

This link takes you to Carbon8 page so your money goes direct to helping Farmers.  

Thank you for considering your environmental impact.