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  • Any other details, like a wish to share costs


March 17, 2018
Peter Wood
COFFS Harbour
country couple, mid 60s, Travelling from gold coast on 2 july 2018 to thargomindah, birdsville, simpson desert, tanami to kimberleys then from 80 mile beach along Kidson/WAPET track to Gary Hwy then to everard junction and warburton. then to Uluru, mt dare, simpson desert and home. plan to be at mt dare on fri 10 august. have driven simpson desert, strzlecki, oodnadatta, birdsville, walkers crossing and savannah way in mazda bt 50 last year. have experience in recovery and 4wd is fitted out ok. looking for any others contemplating wapet/kidson track at end of august for company. probably travel 250 kms per day pending conditions, camping in back of ute, self sufficient, and love the desert.thanks pete

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March 04, 2018
Jill Fisher
Great idea!

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