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  • Carbon Offset


    We acknowledge  that the Outback Way is along way and lots of fuel will be used- so we try to encourage our visitors to offset their emissions by contributing to tree planting projects here in WA. 

    Travelling the 2700km on the Outback Way, a vehicle ( on average)  will produce 1 tonne of CO2-

    this can be offset through the  Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund by making a $19 donation to Offsetting.

    A word from CNCF- Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund helps individuals, families and organisations to minimise their impact on the environment. Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund uses the funds raised through donations and carbon offsets to plant native trees on degraded and marginalised land in Australia. Our reforestation projects sequester carbon whilst helping to restore the landscape and conserve the natural biodiversity. For more information on our organisation please visit:

    Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund has planted over 5.4Million trees across more than 3812 hectares and 160 sites since 2001.

    CNCF mission…..

    …is to assist the community to adopt a more sustainable approach to a healthy environment and to reduce greenhouse gas (carbon  dioxide) emissions.



  • Geocache Starter Kit


    Do the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt- Geocache Trail- get started with this kit for your Outback Way adventure. Find the 35 treasure boxes along the way.

    Find some treasure on the Outback  Way, with your starter kit- providing you with the coordinates of the 35 cache’s hidden along the route- like little pots of treasure, use the included  trinket to put a trinket in as you take one out of the cache you find, make a note of where and what you found in the notebook, register your find online, enjoy the special places you will see on your treasure hunt along the Outback Way.

  • HEMA Guide Book & Atlas


    DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT- this has all the maps, attractions, campsites, flora, fauna and information for your journey on Australia’s Longest Shortcut. A great handbook to get the most out of the Outback Way.

    Australia’s major mapping company publishes the Outback  Way Guide & Atlas, which provides an in depth coverage of the entire route, the places to stay, attractions, places off the beaten track that are a must see, the geocache trail, the bioregions, flora & fauna, a great field book to have with you as you journey through the heart of Australia.

  • The Outback Way Podcast – Contributor


    Would you like a podcast with that? We have had great support for our podcast with over 4000 listens… Our podcast captures the characters, stories, events,  tips and tricks of doing the Outback  Way- for $5 you can contribute to the production of the podcast – just add it to your cart… or however many $5 you wish to contribute… Thank you in advance!!!

    For any organisation who would like to be a regular sponsor -please email Various sponsor packages are available.


  • Tyre Cover includes postage


    Tailor made Tyre covers for your spare… great protection and Australian made souvenir from this iconic journey. Price includes Postage.

    Either before you head off or after you have been on the Outback  Way-  order yourself a custom made tyre cover for your car or van, to remember your trip.

    Heavy duty printed canvas, a great long wearing and useful souvenir.