Our Story

Our Story-The Outback Way-  a long road, terrific journey with great people- the destination is – what could be!!

“…..the nature of the project is bigger than any individual involved and captures the spirit of the imagination…”

The Purpose of the organisation is to  cause the upgrade and sealing of the Outback Way, for the good of the nation.

The Outback Way is the vision of Patrick Hill in 1997-  Patrick raised the idea and garnered support from all the Local Councils along the route –  which led a motion from the floor of the Australian Local Government Association Conference-  in essence-  to seal the existing roads and create the Outback Way.

The Outback Highway Development Council Inc. was formed in 1998 and the alliance of councils has continuously supported the development through both financial and in-kind support. The Organisation continuously lobby’s for the upgrade and promotes the tourism of the Outback Way.

The OHDC Inc. since 1997 has secured $1.2 Billion for the sealing of the route- 2700km- 1500km sealed and 1200km to seal. The Funding has lifted 70% of the gravel sections to a type 3 gravel road and with these sections being sealed –   300km further seal on priority sections along the entire route, will be completed 2021.

In 2011- The OHDC Inc gained tourism funding of $437,000 to put together our tourism brand and collateral- brochures, HEMA guidebook and Atlas, Interpretive panels, carbon offset programme, and the world’s longest Geocache trail- Treasure hunt.

The OHDC Inc. will continue to ensure the funding seals the Outback Way by 2027/28. This will add significant infrastructure to Australia and benefit many Australian’s.

OHDC Inc Drivers and Values –

  • To be a relevant driver in making a significant contribution to Australia’s national development through this iconic project for the country with all tier of Government support, to be part of the solution,
  • We are passionate about the Outback Way because of its importance to the nation and to the long term sustainability of communities in which we live.
  • To improve the Quality of life for inland Australia through improved access and equity of service provision to rural and remote Australians & economic opportunities to our communities
  • Create the tourism & economic opportunity to safely experience the quintessential adventure, spirit and culture of inland Australia, with respect for the natural environment.
  • Proudly working as a team of stakeholders, collaborating and innovating on completing national infrastructure, genuine co-operation and passion, and a view to success in the long term through forward moving, thinking, learning and growing and respect for each other and each other’s circumstances.

The Outback Way- more than just a sealing a road