The Outback Way can be enjoyed whether you are zig zagging the nation or you want ashorter invigorating getaway.

Traversing through 9 of Australia’s bio-regions,you’ll uncover more critters and plants, you’ll be inspired by the outback’s spectacular landscapes, vibrant colours and radiant skies.

Towns, community roadhouses, galleries and cafes dot the route only a few hours apart, the attractions and events than most countries can lay claim to,make this great Australian road trip one for the whole family.

Hands will get dirty and memories will be made with fossicking for Gems at Gemtree, making paper out of grass at Curtin Springs, eating a witchety grub at Karrke-Kings CkStation, and map the dinosaur journey across Central Australia.

From hotel beds to rolling out a swag under the stars, as when the sun finally sets after the illuminated horizon, you’ll fall asleep to the peaceful silence of The Outback Way.