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  • Carbon Offset


    We acknowledge that to travel the Outback Way uses a lot of fuel so we try to encourage our visitors to offset set their emissions by contributing to Australian Farmers improving their soil carbon and farming practices. 

    Travelling the 2700km on the Outback Way a vehicle (on average) will produce 1 tonne of CO2e – which can be offset through Carbon 8- Donations are tax deductible.  Carbon8 was featured on Damon Gameau’s film 2040. You can donate  $8, $16 , $32 or your own amount-  either monthly or as a once off donation. All donations contribute to help Australian Farmers  build soil carbon by transitioning to Regen Ag.

    Learn more about Carbon8- HERE 

    This link takes you to Carbon8 page so your money goes direct to helping Farmers.  

    Thank you for considering your environmental impact.


  • Geocache Starter Kit


    Do the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt- Geocache Trail- get started with this kit for your Outback Way adventure. Find the 35 treasure boxes along the way.

    Find some treasure on the Outback  Way, with your starter kit- providing you with the coordinates of the 35 cache’s hidden along the route- like little pots of treasure, use the included  trinket to put a trinket in as you take one out of the cache you find, make a note of where and what you found in the notebook, register your find online, enjoy the special places you will see on your treasure hunt along the Outback Way.

  • The Outback Way Paper Map


    The 2024-25 Outback Way A2 sized old school paper map is now available. Offering enthusiasts and adventurers a detailed guide to one of Australia’s most iconic routes. This simple yet comprehensive map details the status of sealing works scheduled for 2025, providing current information for travellers planning their journeys.
    Features include: Sealing Progress, Points of Interest, Amenities and Hints and Tips.

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  • The Outback Way Podcast – Contributor


    Would you like a podcast with that?
    Since April 2018 we have had great support for our podcast with our last podcast recorded in April 2023. This free podcast with subjects capturing the characters, stories, tips and tricks of doing the Outback Way has 86 episodes – for $5 you can contribute to the podcast – just add it to your cart.

    Who knows – if enough people contribute we may start it back up again 🙂

  • The Outback Way Travel Journal & Map


    The Outback  Way Travel Journal –  lets you Plan your trip with up to date information from QR Code links to each section,  pages contain maps and planning information, with room to reflect on the places you visit and experiences you have while you are travelling the Outback Way – a memento for you, from your Journey through the Heart of Australia- on Australia’s Longest Shortcut.  The travel Journal is also supported by the Outback Way APP available on iTunes and Playstore.
    Now with a simple to read, old school A2 sized paper map included.

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  • Tyre Cover for your Spare


    Tailor made Tyre covers for your spare… great protection and Australian made souvenir from this iconic journey. 

    Either before you head off or after you have been on the Outback  Way-  order yourself a custom made spare tyre cover for your car or van, to remember your trip.

    Heavy duty printed canvas, a great long wearing and useful souvenir. Please email your Tyre size to so we can submit your order.