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There’s no need to ‘go it alone’ on the Outback Way: register to tag along with others! Use this forum to hook up with other adventures to get going on your bucket list journey.

Consider adding details to your post such as

  • What you are looking for, such as a lift, a travelling companion or other 4WD vehicles to travel with
  • Who is in your travelling group, such as kids of a certain age, and how many of you are travelling together
  • What route you’d like to travel
  • The kind of vehicle you have
  • The distance you’d like to travel each day
  • Your travel dates such as your month of departure and how long you can be away
  • How you’ll be sleeping: camping, caravanning, or in cabins and motels
  • Your main interests for the trip, such as nature, art, culture, dinosaurs or events
  • Any other details, like a wish to share costs


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