The Outback Way - Australia's Longest Shortcut

Carbon Offset Program

The Outback  Way  team acknowledges the Outback  Way is  a long shortcut with 1,5tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions needs to beoffset. The Outback  has teamed up with Carbon Neutral, based  in Western Australia, so Outback Way  travellers can offset their vehicle emissions through a managed program of tree plantings.   

Carbon Neutral is one of Australia’s leading carbon offset facilitators who will plant and manage the required number of trees to offset a traveller’s vehicle emissions.  
$33.75 will offset your carbon emissions for travelling along the Outback Way- by planting 9 trees.
$1.25 postage your will receive an Outback Way Carbon Offset sticker and certificate
Total offset is $35 ( no GST on offset programmes)

If you are wanting to offset  your vehicle emissions you can go to our website shop and buy  your carbon offset pack,  or alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tree sites are prepared to industry best practice standards to promote maximum health, vigour and survival of seedlings. Legal agreements are registered on the title to protect the trees for 100 years.

 No carbon will be measured or traded from these sites. Species are selected according to soil type and local climate and include a range of native trees, shrubs and understory.

 In most cases 10-40 different species will be established through either direct seeding and/or planting seedlings. Seedlings are raised for Carbon Neutral by regional accredited nurseries near the planting sites and/
or seed collected from near the site.

Trees and seed are planted after rainfall in early winter. It may take up to two years from site selection to establish the planting/s. Consideration is given to maximise the environmental outcomes.