The Outback Way - Australia's Longest Shortcut


The Outback Way is home to an impressive collection of sites and places of interest that every traveller should aim to visit including:
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  • Kata Tjuta (The Olga’s)
  • MacDonnell Ranges (east & west)
  • Tjulyuru Art Gallery, Warburton
  • Petermann Ranges & Schwerin Mural Crescent
  • Central Australia gemfields
  • Mt Conner (or at least enjoy views from the lookout!)
  • Gnamma holes along the Great Central Road (that gave it the alignment)
  • Harts Range & Mt Palmer
  • Lilyvale (and the Cawnpore lookout)
  • Lark Quarry (and the world’s only known dinosaur stampede!)
In between viewing and enjoying the sights travellers can indulge in a range of activities including:
  • Bird watching (i.e. at waterholes, wells, billabongs),
  • Nature walks (i.e. around ridges & breakaways, through mulga scrub, oak forest),
  • Wildlife spotting (especially around water, at dusk & dawn, near outcroppings),
  • Geocaching (searching for hidden caches approximately 70-80km apart),
  • Viewing interpretive panels (located approximately 80-90km apart),
  • Viewing indigenous art galleries/workshops at select communities & roadhouses,
  • 4WD side trips to known sites of interest,
  • Bush camping,
  • Picnics at roadside rest bays and river crossings,
  • Viewing panoramic landscapes from roadside crests and ridges,
  • Fossicking at gem fields, and
  • Ttrying your luck fishing in seasonal billabongs and waterholes.
Further information on some of these activities can be found on the links page. The Outback Way Brochure and Guidebook has further information for pre-trip or enroute planning.

Travellers who aim to stop at the gnamma holes between Laverton and Warakurna are asked to help 'care for country' by clearing sand out of the gnamma holes, especially the dry holes. The Ngaanyatjarraku people greatly appreciate your help in trying to restore water to these vital, natural wonders.